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Holidays in the Dolomites

UNESCO World Nature Heritage site

Majestic and fascinating for anyone: the legendary Dolomites, according to Reinhold Messner the most beautiful mountains in the world.

The abrupt change between gently corrugated pastures and the steep limestone reefs is characteristic of this area. The rocks mainly consist of sedimentary rock or magma rocks, which have more or less underwent great changes as a result of variations in temperature or pressure. In-between you'll also find layers of petrified coral reefs. This rock is called Dolomite. The name of the Dolomite rock and the Dolomites derives from the French geologist Déodat de Dolomieu (1750-1801). Before he described the Dolomite rock, these mountains where called Monti pallidi (Pale Mountains).

Seiser Alm is located amidst the Dolomites: Schlern, Langkofel and Plattkofel are the most important mountains at the alpine pasture. Furthermore, from here you can admire numerous other Dolomite peaks.


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